High Strangeness at Borough Green

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts, Time Distortions



Numerous staff members at the gym have been reporting stories of ghost encounters to me. A janitor said that he saw a misty-looking humanoid moving across the roof while screaming, and a cleaner was nearly pushed into the pool by an unseen presence. Several of the gym trainers have talked about hearing laughter like that of a young child, and one trainer in particular described locking the gym up for the night and seeing shadowy figures moving around by the second floor window. I have had a plethora of experiences around the area as well – with my first being when I heard some bizarre ice cream van-style music coming from a nearby landfill hill. I was effectively hypnotised by this music, and the phrase ‘I had the overwhelming urge to follow it’ came into my head. My father – who had been training with me – called me and snapped me out of it.

That wouldn’t be the only time I would hear the music, and the next time I would come prepared. I revisited the area and walked down where I had previously heard the music coming from. It started up again when I asked the air to ‘play me a tune’ and I got it on camera. It started and stopped twice and each time I caught it on camera. I then walked down a path – following where I thought the weird music had come from – and I had a bizarre experience in which my perspective somehow became distorted and I saw an obese-looking humanoid dressed entirely in a skintight red suit walking between two buildings. Despite looking out over a long lane through the treeline, it was like I was looking directly at the entity as opposed to being considerably far away from it as I should’ve been. I hurried away from the scene and into a local park, and there I saw a man dressed in blue digging in the dirt behind a tree in the nearby forest. I caught this on camera as well.

Obviously, I was intrigued by what was going on in this area and so I repeated this route many times. I found that the red humanoid may have been a misidentified post van, but this seems unlikely just because of how weird it looked to me. I heard the music twice more, and got it on camera each time. At one point, I left the gym grounds and went up to a nearby roundabout whereupon the music started playing again at the loudest volume I’ve ever heard it do so – so loud in fact that I looked up at the nearby lampposts to check that there were no loudspeakers. I got this on video as well. Another weird occurrence that took place around the area was the spontaneous appearance of a lane which I had never seen before. I had walked the route up from the gym to the village several times and never got lost, and so I was baffled when I ended up at a crossroads in front of a small neighbourhood which I had never seen before. I have no idea how I previously missed that. At another roundabout within the village, a dense group of trees seemingly appeared there within a week. I have asked another resident of the area and she didn’t realise there were trees on the roundabout – and yet there certainly are and they are dense enough to hide in. There was also an occassion in which I was walking across the park – and despite it having been previously sunny – a hailstorm started out of nowhere (caught on camera) and then stopped as soon as I left the park.

Overall, it seems that Borough Green can be a very weird place when it wants to be.

Submitted by Thomas G.