Devil’s Lair



OCTOBER 5, 2019

I’m not going to say much about it I’d rather people formulate their own opinions as to what kind of weirdness is happening out here.

The second time I went here I had feelings of being watched and then as I got closer to this place I got intense feelings of anxiety that were not my own. As if I were supposed to stay away it was like warding me off.

I had three others with me. There was a point that I could not cross because the energy was so strong they were able to pass this point. One person went deep into where this Trail led. Everybody in the middle of the trail no one moving no animals around I’ve become stricken with panic. And then down from where the one person is standing deep at the end on the side of the trail in the brush all four of us hear big running sounds toward my direction it got so close to me but I thought it really was right next to me but I couldn’t see it. I did Envision it. I won’t give a description because I want people to have their own opinion if they do decide to make it out there. I made them all walk back to me and we went up the stairs back to the original Trail . I could not stay there the energy was so strong whatever was there didn’t want us to be there because it didn’t know us and it didn’t trust us . But whatever is there feels old and feels strong. It’s worth the walk. I don’t believe in the name Devil’s lair. I call whatever is out there my friend because I’ve had better experiences since this first one. I really do love this place but also I am cautious.

This place is a public Trail. It’s actually called the Sheldon estate. It actually does have a very nice history as well. This land is very well looked after and has been for many years. All of it is worth researching on your own time and if you feel like you want to.

Submitted by Emi B