Chatty Bigfoot




I was resting by my picnic table when a tree snapping crashing sound was coming my way from the east. Nothing except humans makes that much noise. I have lived here my entire life. I was stunned when an estimated 9′ tall, 500 lb+ hairy creature stepped into the open below my house. His hair was brown and long on his body, some white or gray areas on his face and body. Head was oval with heavy brows, ears on the side of his head.

He must have sat down and then started talking. No idea what he was saying, sounded nothing like any language I have heard. I went in the house, and from that day on that summer I would hear him screaming, he was answered by another one over in Richfield. I did not see him again except one night when the electric company was near me repairing lines, and my flashlight caught two huge yellow eyes

Watching this, just behind my house. I think it was him who slapped the side of my house at night. I believe it was him who killed my outside cats but I did not see that. I would hear incredible screams at night and that was witnessed by a friend who was a hunter. The last thing that happened late that summer was I saw my front porch window looked messed up, and it was covered with snot running down it 3 or 4 feet. Others have seen Bigfoot around the area.

Submitted by Lannie