Haunted Headstone

Straight Up Ghosts


SEPTEMBER 15, 2016

When we moved into the house, my husband swore up and down the place was haunted. I worked full time and he was a stay at home parent. He claimed he heard all kinds of weird pops, clicks, voices, and experienced things moving in the house while I was at work.

About a month after we moved in, my husband unearthed an old headstone in the back yard while doing some clean up. It was badly worn and difficult to read. However, when we propped it up on the porch, the evening sun hit it just right so that we could read the words on it. It said:

AUG ?? 1914
FEB 5 1917

Immediately, we were concerned that there was a child buried in our back yard, but some emails and phone calls made to the local historic society produced some death certificates that showed that the little boy was actually buried in an Oddfellows cemetery about an hour away, over the state lines. I contacted the last living relative, now in her 80’s about it, and she had no idea why his stone was in our yard. The house was built by the husband of littler Robert’s older sister, however.

“Little Robert” is pictured sitting between his parents in the front row

About a week after we found the stone, my husband heard very clearly a child shout “Help! Move!”
He was a bit shaken up about it.

We eventually returned Robert’s stone to his cemetery, where his grave had remained unmarked next to his mother since his death. We hope this made him happy. Maybe this was the “move” the child ghost shouted about.

Submitted by Holly S, Liminal Ambassador