Brighton Ridge Apartments

Straight Up Ghosts


JUNE 1, 2015

My coworker lived there for about a year and since his lease was up, he wanted to move to another apartment. He said his unit is haunted.

He was sitting on his couch watching TV one night and he saw a dark shadow figure came out from his kitchen which was all the way back in his unit, into his bedroom.

He also said one night he was awaken to see a white translucent floating spirit in front of his bedroom window. The same thing happened again with a dark floating spirit.

But the scariest story was one night his girlfriend from SoCal visited him. He was awaken and didn’t see his girlfriend next to him but sitting in front of the bed. He didn’t think too much of it so went back to sleep. Then he felt the weight of someone slowing climbing up to him and thinking that his girlfriend wants to get frisky. Then he heard the bathroom toilet flushing and the presence all of a sudden lifted. He opened his eyes and saw his girlfriend coming out of the bathroom.

Submitted by Steve