Rainier Valley Haunting

Straight Up Ghosts



i often worked alone here at night. lots of banging, sounds of things being thrown around. several times saw three different [Asian] people- two young girls, one older man – fitting off in peripheral vision. eventually clearly saw main figure – a approx 18 year old [Asian woman] in a white calico smock with blue flowers – standing (actually floating 18″ above the floor) just off my shoulder watching me work. had strong “impression” she asked me not to work after 9 pm. i complied and no more noise from that time.

A very sensitive co-worker gave up evening work also – he never saw anything but felt was watched. his radio would turn off and on and switch channels. only happened at night. Other people felt weirded out but ” don’t want to talk about it”.

Supposedly originally building was a laundry.

Submitted by Jane W.