Ghosts on Campus

Straight Up Ghosts, Thin Places



Had many strange encounters on UW campus. This one involves strange people, perhaps ghosts.
One is of an old tall mad with a long coat, cape, and large top hat that walks with a cane.
Does not respond to good morning.

The other is more interesting. A pleasant middle age lady in older style long dress was waking in th rain towards me on Rainier Vista ( left hand side going to towards Husky Stadium) – it was pouring and I asked if she wanted my umbrella- I had rain gear and she didn’t, she replied good morning and thanked me overly kindly, but declined the umbrella and walked on, a bit awe struck I turned just a few moments later just to reply to her good morning greeting and she had vanished, I also noticed she left no footprints next to mine on the muddy path along Rainier Vista.

Submitted by Kagemusha