The Place of Transient Tunes and Spectres

Straight Up Ghosts, Thin Places



The Off-The-Wagon Dueling Piano Bar in historic Asheville has a great theme: Get your kicks while listening to impromptu “piano duels” by multiple artists throughout the evening. However, the bar is located in a historic building with an ominous history.

There’s been a few clubs, bars, dives, speak-easy’s in this building, and before that, it was overflow for an ER response to pioneer-era epidemics.

One of the more notable historic aspects of the bar was the fact a previous club had sooo much crime in it, cops were called several times a night. I spoke to a local historian that found reports of at least two stabbings and one fatal incident at the location during “modern” history.

The bar is full of ‘energy’ -you can feel it when you walk in. To normal folks, it’s just the lively activity of a bar, but others feel eyes or figures standing in the shadows, just out of view. Two people on my investigative team have reported a tall black figure with a stove-pipe hat lingering near the front entrance inside the bar, near the ATM. He’ll stand over people and then disappear when you look dead-center in that direction. My friend, an energy worker, has been touched a couple times by what she can only describe as a dark, masculine presence.

I’ve set up my camera several times at this location, only to have it tampered with and shut off. The way my camera is setup, you have to physically turn the knobs to turn it off, even if the battery dies (the knob just stays in the power on position).

I’ve captured EVP of a ghost saying where in the bar I was located, and how many other spirits are in the location.

K2 meter readings have been debunked in the women’s bathroom, however, there’s very strange K2 and EMF readings that MOVE in the men’s bathroom.
The organization Haunted Asheville has footage from the owner of the bar showing the back doors opening and closing on their own.

Submitted by CreepGeeks