Bigfoot Sighting




A friend and I were outside talking sometime after midnight. We heard loud, stomping sounds approaching. We stopped talking and froze. After a few seconds of silence I said “What the fuck was that?” Before my friend could answer, we heard a sound from trees about 10ft away. It sounded as if it was lion’s growl coming through a horse’s muzzle. We bolted to the house and woke up our friends to tell them the story. They convinced us someone was outside messing with us so all of us went outside to investigate. Armed with flashlights, baseball bats and golf clubs when searched around the house and found nothing. The search stopped when we heard the neighbors scream and all their exterior lights came on. A man came out yelling. We ran to their house and explained we heard them yelling and why we were out at this late hour. I asked if anyone else was thinking Bigfoot. The neighbors then said they had seen a Bigfoot looking into their window at that’s why they were out there. We stayed there for maybe 20min talking and listening for anything else strange but nothing else was seen or heard.

(This account collected and submitted by Liminal Earth ambassador Holly Smith)