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OCTOBER 4, 2019


So idk what just happened… first off I’m sober as a rock been clean for just over 3 years .
Anyways… I’m a little confused

I was just walking my dog down the street a little late walk admit but on the way back I saw it looked initially like a light reflection off of the clouds are low cloud cover so I was watching it together maybe it’s a drone and then you can see it moving to the point where it looks like a bird flying but moving way too fast so I’ve seen what I thought to be on identified flying object before but they said no lights no indicator and it seem to be flying in a pattern in a circle so that maybe some of the drone and then it disappeared so I continued walking around the street and about maybe another block down and it returned I tried getting video on my phone but it’s just too dark looking at a black sky.. large repeating flight patterns changing direction very quick .
Oh this is a completely new experience for me ;

Bird above cloud Cover?
Silent drone?
Something else entirely?. Thoughts?

Submitted by Anonymous