Toothsome Surprise

High Weirdness, Mythologies


OCTOBER 12, 2019


So we went to Taco Bell. Three drinks were ordered. I went to the drink dispenser and got some ice, handed over two iced cups to my spouse and kid, went over to the iced tea dispenser. Filled it and noticed someone’s partial denture, floating in my cup.

It had to have come out of the Ice Maker. I looked at my cup, looked at the teeth, handed it to my spouse and said ” What the hell?” And just stood there confused. He went and got a new cup from the counter and my kid and I were just staring at each other and said “Crap! No one took a picture! No one will ever believe us!”

I drank warm iced tea for lunch.

The employee actually told my husband that “It must have been the cup factory.”

Whatever kid.

Submitted by Sara S.