Shadow Man and More

Dark Forces, Straight Up Ghosts




This was the most active haunting I had ever experienced. Activity began within a week of moving in. We rented this home from a police officer and his family. His family left for CA, and he stayed behind to rent the house and finish packing their belongings. It was a cute but outdated ranch with a drive under basement/ garage. The garage basement was the main reason we couldn’t pass up the opportunity since my husband has every tool under the sun, and he could set up shop at home.
About the 3rd night in the house, we were awoke to the sound of the garage door opening up at 2AM. We wondered if someone was breaking in. My husband grabbed his gun, and did a perimeter check. No one was there… Our son was still asleep in his bed. We closed the garage door and went back to sleep. It happened again and again. We contacted the landlord and he got a new opener for the house. It happened randomly, but less frequent, because now other things are starting to happen.
We believe that there were 2 entities, so I’ll discuss the tolorable energy first. He was a masculine energy with a protective vibe. I feel like he didn’t realize that he was gone. He stayed in the front living room, which was the kids TV/ gaming room. Next to that room was the dining room and a door to the kitchen off that room. The door would close to the kitchen. Which I preferred open. We might hear random noise or foot steps in the front rooms, but didn’t feel threatened with the energy. It just felt like he was waiting for his wife to come home and just hung out in the front room where you can see the driveway and could a sac.
As we began to notice, feel, and discuss the energy and subtle occurrences of doors opening and sounds in the house, then it began to feel more intense. Mainly for myself and sometimes with my husband. It may have been because negative energy feeds on negative emotions. I was unhappy in that house and having to move from my dream house to this out dated house in a new town. I began to feel a depression, despite my best friend living in Santa Fe. I believe that made me a target. I think my fear and sadness fed this entity. My husband probably did too with his worries and understanding that I was unhappy.
Many nights were sleepless nights because the activity was almost always during bed time. I could feel a presence in the corner next to my side of the bed. There was a door leading to the master bath and closet on that wall, and it was lurking in the corner. It just came from the shadow of the corner and stood over me, watching me. I felt that intense stare, and would usually turn over, pull the covers over my head, and try to ignore it. But it feels so penetrating. Little did I know that it was about to become more physical. I always knew when the”shadow man” was up to something because pets are aware of the energy as well. My dog ,Coco, would stand at the end of our bed barking and snarling at nothing just before something was about to happen. She was on alert. My other dog Lady liked staying in the front living room in her favorite chair. Coco is more of a pack dog and stuck with us, slept with us, and wanted to protect us. One night, she woke us up barking and snarling. Suddenly the bedroom door slammed closed. My husband and I sat up in bed staring at the door. I grabbed Coco since she was going nuts, to calm her. Brandon, of course, had to rule out the reality that someone could be in the house so he grabbed his gun and did a walk through the house. Our son was sleeping in bed, and didn’t wake up through the noise. Brandon came back to bed and I said “shadow man, again”. He said “I guess.”
Another beautiful fall night, I had the windows open throughout the house. We were abruptly awoken to the loud “slam”. Again we sat up and noticed the bedroom door flying closed, but what was the originating slamming sound?? We realized that the window had slammed closed. This time I was more freaked out. I just laid back down and pulled blankets over my head. Brandon grabbed Coco and just did the same this time.
We named the entity “shadow man” because our son said he saw the shadow man walking down the hall. Our friends would also catch a glimpse of him too. My best friend’s husband was more skeptical of the other worldly side, but had seen it as well. My son said that his toys were being moved. He had a hermit crab aquarium and would find his bionical toys inside the aquarium. Fortunately, he wasn’t going through the same things we were. He said he mostly got scared seeing a shadow walk down the hall past his door.
One summer night, I was hot, so as I was sleeping, I had my right leg outside of the blankets in bed. I began to feel that penetrating stare to my right. Suddenly I felt someone pinch and slide their index finger and thumb on my upper thigh. This time I was pissed. I actually verbalized “get the f#$k out of my house, and don’t f#$king touch me” Brandon awoke and said what are you doing? I told him that I was pinched. I had nowhere to go… I had to just get under the covers and try and sleep.
Now this next occurrence, I’m not sure if it was my very first sleep paralysis event or something else. I was dreaming at first but then woke up because I felt someone holding my shoulders down to the bed. I opened my eyes to see, but no one is over me. I was looking around trying to make sense of why I can’t move, and finally I found my voice. I began screaming and crying. I’ve never had sleep paralysis, but I researched the shit out of it. I never have experienced it again, either. The dream I was having at the time may have been important because it was about a car accident and I was being strapped to the strecher or board. I had other dreams of car crashes that involved Brandon, so I was getting a feeling that something was coming. An accident of sorts. A couple weeks later, I was rear-ended on the interstate, leaving Nashville. When I was strapped to the stretcher board in the ambulance, it was like de ja vus… This time, there were EMS professionals over me.
Another occurrence, which was my husband’s… He woke me up by grunting “owww, What the f#$k was that?”. I said “what happened?” He replied, “I was scratched up my back.” We both got up from bed to find scratches on his back.
Around our anniversary, in December, we went out. While driving, Brandon said to me that he had been scratched, but also felt that he was punched on his back another time. He said we can’t discuss the entity in the house any more, because he felt that the more attention we pay to it, the stronger it becomes. I agreed to not talk about it in the house, but fell short of that one last time. I came home from work, and I was showering. I felt like something was out side the shower curtain. I’m naked, vulnerable, and had to look. But nothing, no one.. I am beginning to think that I am going crazy, and I just lost it. Every emotion surfaced and I am sobbing. Brandon comes running to my rescue and comforts me. I explained that I am leaving, with or without him. I was ready to fight for my sanity. Every penny was being saved to move out of this hell hole.
Kiki, my medium friend, that also worked with paranormal research in TN, was invited to walk through the house. She said that she felt like the land was the problem. Something bad happened on the land ages ago (before development of subdivisions) She recommended saging, salting the perimeter, and quartz placement at the NSEW points of the property. We did this, and finally things got better. Much less active. We finally were at a point that we could afford to move away as well. The landlord was going to rent it still, and I wonder if the new family that was moving in had any experiences.
We lived there for 2 years. I hated that house and the baggage in it. I believe that the owner’s family left in a hurry and they could not afford to buy another house. I totally understand how you can’t always afford to leave a haunting…

Submitted by Kelly R.