Paranormal Activity

Straight Up Ghosts, Visions, Dreams, Etc.




We had paranormal activity at this house that started within a week of moving in. The garage door opened in the early morning hours which would wake us up. Then our dog would stand at the end of our bed and bark viciously at nothing. I had occurrences of being pinched on my leg while laying in bed, could feel an entity watching me, the door slamming closed, the window slamming closed, being held down in my bed, my husband being scratched in the middle of the night, my husband was punched on his back in the middle of the night, my son stated that his toys were being moved in his room, and many people reported seeing a shadow man throughout the house. We felt 2 entities. An old man that frequently sat in the formal living room, and a dark malevolent entity that tormented everyone (especially the master bedroom) I didn’t sleep well, and when I did I had nightmares about spirit encounters. I had a premonition that I thought was about a car accident involving my husband, but was actually myself. I am friends with Kiki, and she came to the house and felt that the land was haunted. We saged a lot and placed salt and quartz stones on the property. The activity decreased, but I was ecstatic to move out.

Submitted by Kelly R.