Graveyard Surprise

Thin Places




My friend and I were up in Hannibal, MO interviewing woman for our paranormal podcast. We were told that the Old Baptist Cemetery in that town was EXTREMELY active. Naturally, we decided to explore it with dowsing rods after the interview. This was at about 9:00 at night in mid December. The wind was blowing with tremendous force. As we started walking, the rods started pointing against the wind. No matter what direction we turned, they kept pointing up to a hill top in the cemetery. My friend started to get scared, but we kept going. I told her once we got to the top of the hill, we’d go back to the car and leave. As we got to the top, we saw a large spire grave stone that had fallen on its side. The rods pointed us to the stone. The wind was gusting EXTREMELY hard at this point. My friend shined her flashlight on the stone…and it had her name on it.

Submitted by Adam S.