UFO Battle Over the Gulf

Classic UFO




I am only submitting this statement of a suspected UFO (multiple) activity off in the distance in the skys where I consider over the Gulf of Mexico. I saw this activity while sitting on my rear porch at about 9 / 10 pm. I live on a 40 acre plot with my house in the middle of a field with wood and bayou on the so. side of my property. There is a small town (Kaplan, La.) about 8 miles south toward the gulf. The gulf is about 25 miles south to the gulf. Very little light is cast on the night from Kaplan…….I saw a group of appeared to be 8 to 10 very fast moving lighted moble vehicles in a fairly tight battle with each other chasing and maneuvering away and toward each other. It was visibly hard to tell if there were munitions or other weaponry used. They were very fast in their maneuvering in circular loop type retaliation or aggressiveness toward each other. It was a cool night for a change here in so. la. so just watched the show for a while and then asked my wife to come, you have got to see this. We watched for another about 5 minutes then they dispersed quickly and disappeared……I do regret not noting the date and exact time . I don’t think I ever mentioned it to any one because their reply would have been, “Yeah right” I have been bothered by seeing this and looked for anything in the media about. I never saw or heard anything.
I am now only putting this out to your site because the U.S. Navy has recently declared some sightings by some pilots have beeny truly delared UFO s. The objects we saw did not look like the big oblong figures I saw put out on recent TV news. What we swa appeared to be deep in space but if we could see that with the naked eye it coud not have been very deep. I am a semi-retired oilfield equipment merchant and my wife is a (33 yr.) retired school teacher. I had no way to get pics….at night.

Submitted by Carroll H.