The Ghost of the Shop

Straight Up Ghosts, Thin Places




The “Shop Ecclectic” moved into an older historic building in Marion, NC as a means to support a local paranormal team, but they had no idea the place had such a weird history.
While it is owned by a paranormal team, the first time I went to an event being held here (The event was a talk about past lives and stuff), my husband kept feeling very dizzy in one of the shop rooms. He kept turning around and looking and at one point yelled “quit touching me” and turned to see no-one there.
Later, we talked to the shop owner, who said the place was an old doctor’s office and the extension to a boarding home at one point. The owner said she didn’t notice anything the first couple months the shop was opened, but soon her daughter and a shop employee kept talking about a shadowy woman that stood in the corner in one of the rooms. This shadowy woman is the same person my husband kept thinking he saw. She’s dressed in period clothing from the late 1800’s/early 1900’s and is a large woman.

Since we live in such a rural area, we made friends with the shop owner and asked if we could rent an office from her since her internet speeds are reliable. Staying after-hours at this place is creepy.
We’ll be recording our podcast or working in the back office and it sounds like someone’s ripping the front door of the store open. I’ll rip my headphones off and run to the front only to find nothing disturbed.
We’ll be working very late at night when all the other businesses don’t have any employees in the building (all shops in this building close at 6pm) and we’ll hear children’s footsteps running down hallways.
I’ll come into the shop and work in my office for only a couple of hours and it feels like I’ve worked ALL DAY. I feel drained and fatigued.
We’ve had people tell us that the shop makes them feel uneasy or sick. A lot like my husband felt the first night.
Sometimes the shop owner opens the shop and finds all the doors in the back offices open.

Submitted by CreepGeeks Podcast