Haunted Cabin at Camp Celtic

Straight Up Ghosts


2010 – PRESENT


I used to attend Camp Celtic as a child in their summer camp program, and later attended as an LIT (Leader In Training). I’m a transgender man (assigned female at birth) and when I was little I remember hearing from some other campers from the girl’s cabins that one of such cabins is haunted, at least two girls said they woke up and saw another girl not from their cabin standing facing the wall, one of them asked if she was ok, to which the girl turned around, faced her, and disappeared. None of the male staff believed them, but they were all freaked out. They ended up making a rhyme about it for their roll call, and i think one of the girls ended up sleeping in our cabin for a night because she couldn’t sleep after. My family moved away a year or two later, and it wasn’t until about 7 or 8 years that I would be able to return as an LIT. I had almost completely forgotten about that incident until during my week there again, the same exact thing happened. I was able to confirm to my friends and cabin mates that the cabin is in fact haunted, and found out that the entire female staff all already believed it because they had had so many sightings over the years. They even kept the rhyme! That week for the last night the entire cabin decided to camp out in the soccer field, and instead convinced one of the boy’s cabins to stay in there instead, I don’t remember for sure if the boys had changed their minds about the ghost after, but I’m pretty sure at least one of them saw her.

Submitted by Poe