Forest Figure

Straight Up Ghosts, Strange Animals


JUNE 2012


When I was little my friends and I went through a small phase of exploring a little area in the forest that was hidden from the path and perfect for skipping stones on the river. One day we were there, we weren’t doing anything different from normal, talking, joking, skipping stones, so on, when all of a sudden all of us started growing increasingly paranoid and anxious. It got to a point where I didn’t want to have my back to the forest, so I let them continue skipping stones and instead chose to sit on a nearby log and act as look out. A few minutes passed and the feeling didn’t go away, in fact the temperature started to change, and we all started getting colder. One of the boys joined me as look out, and noticed a strange figure in the woods, I was able to catch a glimpse, and noticed that the figure was very blurry and was more of a silhouette then an actual person. This was when we all heard a loud SNAP from in front of us in the woods, and turned to see an equally shadowy figure in the shape of a large dog. The figures were both too close for it have to been distance making them blurry and the time of day was wrong for them to have been silhouetted. My friends and I all ran as fast as we could out of there, and heard a dog barking after us. To this day I’ve never returned.

Submitted by Poe