Uneasy Feeling

Dark Forces, High Weirdness




I am not sure if anyone else has experienced this in Nashville, but every now and then I will notice an uneasy and heavy feeling on certain nights, like something large looms in the sky overhead. I remember one night in February when this happened – it was about 9:30 or 10 at night and I was out in my front yard with my dog. The darkness of the night was unordinary – there were no stars in the sky and it the sky had more of a dark grey color than black. I had this uneasy feeling that something was watching me and my dog, and though I couldn’t tell where I was being observed from, it felt very much like there were eyes on us. It was dead quiet, no cars passed through our neighborhood, no dogs barked from nearby yards, and no planes flew overhead. My dog even picked up on this uncomfortable and odd feeling – she was quick to turn around and go back indoors. It felt so peculiar I asked my boyfriend to come outside and observe it – and he agreed, observing that it felt like “we were in a contained space, with a ceiling above us.”

Submitted by Kiki D.