Possible Fairy Visitation

Cryptoids, High Weirdness, Mythologies, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


JULY 1995


This is a story I share frequently, since it put me onto a path of being very interested in faeries, cryptids, and the supernatural in general. In middle school and high school I started to become increasingly interested in paganism, witchcraft, mythology, and magic. I started to read books on the subjects, and discovered faerie folklore. I lived in a rural area of the town I grew up in, just down the road from acres of forest and orchards. I honestly think there is a curious feeling to the wooded areas of Connecticut, but this area in particular has always felt a little different to me, kind of like the woods watch you back.

As it was summer break, I was enjoying adventures hiking through the woods, diving into swimming holes, or getting into trouble with my friends. I was also reading a lot and particularly intrigued by stories nature spirits and faeries. Having read that it was respectful to leave them gifts of honey and cream, I decided to them them gifts around our house and yard. I left small dishes of honey, cream, and cake in our backyard as an offering to the land, perhaps hoping that if there was any truth to the tales, that faeries would reveal themselves or at the very least decide to spend a little time at our humble home. One night they let me know they were there.

It was a warm July night, and I had my window open to let the cool breeze circulate my room. I recall sleeping well but then being suddenly stirred out of slumber by the most peculiar feeling: something was tickling my feet. I could feel small fingers on the soles of my feet and ankles. I simply shifted my body in response to this, kicking my feet in an attempt to make it stop. I also grumbled. When this happened I heard giggling! I couldn’t believe it. It was a chorus of tiny, sweet, and innocent laughter. The sound is recorded clearly in my mind – even after all this time it doesn’t leave me. This got my attention and I shot up in bed, only to find myself alone, with only the sound of the insects chirping outside my window.

Even though I do share the story often, I sometimes still feel a little silly or embarrassed to do so, since it is so out of the ordinary. But I suppose it is interesting that it would occur after I decided to show my respect and interest in the Fae. I also enjoy that this encounter happened in rural Connecticut, a place that perhaps would not top the list people would associate with faeries. I think Connecticut has many secrets and places where one could suggest that the “veil is thin.” Perhaps on this evening, in between wake and sleep, I just was able to wander into some Otherworldly experience.

Submitted by Kiki D.