Saskatchewan Time Slip

High Weirdness, Time Distortions




(Location Approximate)

One night, about 6pm September 2015, I was driving from Regina to the rural town where I live, about 40 miles away on a road with scattered farms,There was very little traffic,if any that I remember. A trip I have taken hundreds of times, just a straight, dark road with only vehicle headlights for illumination.
I was humming to myself and just thinking , as you do, without a radio.
I suddenly thought, it was taking a long time to reach my turn off, and it wasn’t there. I thought I had somehow missed it in the dark so would have to drive to the next town which was Indian Head, pop. 2,000, and turn around. I was mad at myself so drove the next 10 miles, but when I got to where Indian Head was supposed to be, it was totally different. There were 2 big gas stations across from each other (where a small motel was before) and they were lit up like Christmas trees, the whole town looked lit up with lots of new buildings. I was very disturbed and thought I was losing my mind. I thought that somehow, I was going in the wrong direction. I was feeling afraid and confused, I decided to keep on driving I drove for perhaps another 20 miles but nothing was familiar until I came to the town of Wolseley. I crossed the highway and sat on the side of the road, I tried to figure things out.
I knew that my town wasn’t this far out of Regina, so I decided to go back and drive very slowly.
Eventually I saw the Indian Head turn off, exactly as it should be. No lights, little motel, modest gas station opposite. I was so relieved. I drove on to my turn off , exactly as it should be and went home. I was pretty shaken up and found that a trip that should have taken 1 hour had taken 5. I can’t even speculate what happened. They have since made major changes to the highways but nothing like the changes I saw.

Submitted by Iceni S.