Elephant Machine Loves Ruth

High Weirdness




This episode that happened to me and my friend Alice, is really silly, and weird , makes no sense at all.
We were in the East Mall in Regina, after most of the shops were closed, and were taking a short cut to the parking lot. The mall was open, till midnight,.
We were alone, and there was a pharmacy we had to pass to leave the mall. It was closed and a kind of trellis security blind over the who store front, ( like the old time elevators) . Outside of this were a bubble gum machine, of an elephant, and about 6 ft away another machine, where you put in a coin and the animatronic fortune teller would say something and you’d get your fortune on a card.
As we were about to pass the Elephant machine lit up and said ,
‘Ruth, I love you, I love you’. My friend and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. Just as we were about to say something. The fortune Teller animated and said ‘Hello Ruth’. We laughed again and said “come on whoever you are we know you are there.” However when we looked around there were no places where anyone could hide, we could see straight into the store, and the machines lit up and in fact were not plugged in as the leads went into the store and we could see that they were unplugged. We didn’t know how fast to get out of there. We just couldn’t believe such a bizarre and meaningless thing had happened. It made no sense at all. Next day we went back to the store and the machines were gone. I asked where the machines were and was given a vague answer about maintenance and that was that.

Submitted by Iceni S.