Smoke Monster

High Weirdness


JUNE 2019


I was walking around at night after a day of feeling lonely and blue. I crossed the Gilman playground as I’ve done thousands of times before. When I was passing the tennis court, a sudden, very strong smell of tobacco surprised me, since I thought the park was empty. It smelled like someone was literally blowing smoke directly at my face. I looked around, very confused, and could see nobody: not in the baseball field, dug out, tennis court, etc. I was about to continue walking when I heard a noise behind me, when I turned around, I could clearly see the figure of a person, but it was made out of smoke. It was like somehow the smoke of cigarettes had gravitated to that one place in the air and stayed there, making a ghost visible. It didn’t have a face or anything, but it felt like that thing was staring at me and I couldn’t help but stare back. It felt like an eternity, but when it disappeared I check the time and it had been like two minutes. Pretty spooky.

Submitted by “Whisper”