Helen’s Bridge

High Weirdness, Mythologies, Straight Up Ghosts


FEBRUARY 17, 2019


Helen’s Bridge is supposed to be a hotspot of paranormal activity and allegedly one of the most haunted places in Asheville, NC. We were taken here back in February, 2019.
According to the legends/mythology, if you drive under the bridge slowly, or walk under, the ghost of a distraught mother who killed her child (or her child died in a fire) is supposed to appear. She’s supposed to play tricks on people’s cars or with people passing through under the bridge.
While we were here, we didn’t see a ghost, but our camera batteries drained. All of them, all at once. Being of a strong tech and logic-first mindset, we figured it was the cold, and this is why we carry spare batteries in our camera bags with a towel and a “Hot hands”. We retrieved two batteries and tried to resume filming. These batteries died in under five minutes. Brand. New. Batteries.
According to the friend that took us here, He’s noticed that while he’s never seen a ghost here, he does note that if more than one or two people show up, talking about the history and the weird activity makes weird things happen.
Another weird thing we noticed was that the light in the area kept “Fading in and out” -well, that’s the best way we can describe it. One moment it’s bright, almost daylight and you can see the streetlights below. The next moment, everything is dim, with a pale green tone and fog creeping in. This happened the entire hour we were there, this bright and then dull pulsing of the ambient light in the area. While the temperature was cold, it was steady.

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