Andrews Geyser

Dark Forces, High Weirdness, Thin Places, Time Distortions


MARCH 2019


Andrew’s Geyser is a really weird monument that I’m still researching because it’s a monument that doesn’t make any sense. Yes, it was supposed to be a tourist attraction for a nearby hotel, but once the hotel burned down and the geyser fell into disrepair, it should have been repaired. But instead, it got rebuilt and half of the design looks very similar to a Masonic Temple.

The monument is in a really weird valley that causes sound and echo anomalies. To make it worse, a railway wraps all the way around the valley, like a massive Tibetan Sound Bowl.

When older, heavier trains pass through the area, the ringing from the railroad can almost deafen you.

I went exploring on the edge of Andrew’s Geyser, just following my instincts and the course of the fast-moving creek. I stopped at a bridge that towered above the creek. Upon the bridge is a weird mural of what I can only describe as a water nymph or dryad. My little dog and I explored this little mural at the edge of the water, and discovered a beautiful little waterfall below it, along with pretty stones and very vivid flowers that should be growing closer to dry land.

Suddenly, a train started roaring down the track. It kinda snapped me into the “now” -I looked down at my phone and saw I’d been out there for over a half hour. I swear I had just gotten there, and the sound of the train above was getting louder and higher pitch, almost painful.

I picked my little dog up and put her head into my chest because the sound was soo terrible (if it was hurting my ears it was probably kiling hers) and started crawling up the creek bank back to the main road. As soon as I hit the main road, my walkie talkie (that I forgot I had with me) started going off and my Husband was calling for me over the walkie. I got in touch and finally made my way back to the geyser.

While I was gone, a local had walked down to my husband and talked to him about the “weird” in the area. Told him about ghosts and shadow people. None of which we encountered. But then the guy told us about something that struck a nerve. He believed there was a “Rake” trapped in the area, and the Rake was actually a dryad that had grown wicked and warped being trapped in the area. He claimed it was malevolent and a trickster, that it had lured local pets away. It struck me as really weird this dude would walk up and just start talking about all this weird stuff, but then again, I do have a big giant magnet on the side of my van advertising that I’m into paranormal and weird news.

We went home later that night and I started doing research. There’s very little on Andrew’s Geyser, or ghosts, and only one mention of a Dryad or Rake in the region. I don’t know enough about Dryads or mythological creatures, but I do know I was missing time for over a half hour, and if needed, I could re-draw that strange mural from memory.

Submitted by CreepGeek Podcast