Highlawn Haunting

Straight Up Ghosts


JULY 2019


My GF and I rented an old two story house and one night while watching television in the living room a weird dark circle about 8 inches round floated quickly in front of us from right to left at about 6 inches off the floor. One of our cats was chasing it and we only saw it for a few seconds. It startled me at first and I asked if she saw it too and she said she did. On another occasion, my then 7 year old daughter was playing upstairs in her room with three of her friends when they all came running down the stairs yelling and obviously upset and scared. They said that they were playing when a toy came flying from behind them and crashed into the wall like it had been thrown. The only other people in the house was my GF and I and we were all the way downstairs in the kitchen.

Submitted by David