Possible UFO

Classic UFO


AUGUST 21, 2019


At about 8.15am I was headed westbound on Highway 84, out of Livermore and toward Sunol. Traffic was slow, so I took some time to scan the sky and saw (roughly 40 degrees to my left and easily 50 to 60 degrees inclination) a small white ovoid object traveling roughly north to south. It kept a steady speed and steady heading. At first, I dismissed it as an aircraft at a great altitude and at an angle that obscured the wings. And, being the Bay Area, it’s possible it could be a conventional aircraft.

However, if it was the size of a conventional aircraft, it would have to have been exceptionally high. It honestly looked like a tic-tac. And if it was reflecting the rising sun, it was doing so in a very consistent manner. There was no glare or flash from the sun directed at me from the object. It was clear and there was no blur from motion. There was no sign of a contrail either. Other identifiable conventional jets I observed that day had short contrails.

If the object had performed some radical maneuver, I’d have no doubt that I saw something unusual. It’s steady altitude and speed still makes me think it might have been a conventional jet, but I enjoy a bit of plane spotting and this has just enough unusual aspects to it to make me think I may have seen a UFO that morning. I’ve also subsequently watched a flight tracker site for anything going over that area at that time and the only thing that comes close is a Singapore Airlines flight at 41000ft, but researching its track on Wednesday does not have it coming over the area in question at the time in question.

Submitted by Taylor