Pocono Bigfoot





Approximately back in 1998 while doing some local fishing in a man made pond we discovered a huge imprint in a muddied part of the terrain. It was a huge footprint pressed deep in the slightly hilly area. I came back twos later with some casting material and poured it into the impression. It was a lone print because the terrain very very rocky and dense. Having poured the material and after hardening I discovered I had some strange 3 toed foot print casted forever in plaster of paris. There is one very large big toe and two other pointed toes. I had watched the Patterson-Gimlin video and believed it to be some form of bigfoot being that the foot was 16 1/2″ long and 6 1/2″ wide. I then contacted a “Bigfoot organization” who informed me that about 100 miles away there had been numerous sightings over the years and recordings of a strange creature screaming at night, It was not until 10 years later that we purchased a 3 acre property and for at least two years, when I walked outside at night I could feel like I was being watched. One night or early morning while it was still dark I heard the weirdest crying out back in the woods. It was not until two years later I realized it had been the birth of a baby bigfoot crying out. It was during this period of time I felt that who was watching me must have been a Sasquatch and proceeded to leave out food that was gone everyday when i checked the next morning. I had wired it up in a tree well beyond the reach of any know animal in my area which I knew had bears. Whatever I hug up on this tree was always gone by the next morning and feel it is definitely Bigfoot of which I have photographs of their foot prints in the snow. The foot print I casted was in Pocono Summit but the property we purchased was about 10 miles south as the crow flies.

Submitted by Spiritwolf