UFO at the Fishing Hole

Classic UFO




Circa 2012, my cousin and I were up late one night while camping on The Homer Spit. We were headed for the public restrooms near the fishing hole lagoon on foot. It was a dark yet clear night of late summer. As we walked along, I noticed something high in the sky, a glowing object very similar to what a satellite in orbit looks like. But this was no satellite I’d ever seen due to its path of travel and speed of which it crossed the skyline. I said to my cousin, “Look at that!” As I pointed.

This object was tracking across the skyline faster than most satellites I’ve seen, but it had another peculiar characteristic about it. Without changing speed, it was making sharp cornered direction changes. The object did a wide zigzagging pattern in this manner across the entire skyline and we watched it go below the horizon to the South of our location. It was traveling in our outer atmosphere as a bright one t the entire time. To this day, I cannot explain what it was. I know of nothing humankind has which could make those sharp turns without changing speed.

Submitted by Curtis H.