High Weirdness in the Hills

Classic UFO, Cryptoids, High Weirdness


1976 & 1989


Hills have legend of humanoid beings that at night transform into glowing orbs, fly & hunt for blood, specifically human. Not sure how often the feeding occurs. In the mid 70s. I personally witnessed and was chased by such a thing as a child along with a large part of my extended family during a picnic,, looked like a glowing human size orange orb, intelligently maneuvering through the trees. In late 80’s Witnessed it again as a teen, the second time it was not chasing but “scouting” over the town’s sky for an evening. This thing is weird because it affected time, the minds of those around, physics, & it appears to be a ghostly being,/ cryptoid, but very UFO-ish as well, hard to pin down.

Submitted by “The man from dyatron”