High Weirdness in Abbott

Classic UFO, Dark Forces, High Weirdness, Time Distortions




After moving into our house in 2008, there have been multiple events witnessed,  including:
1) mysterious lights in the creek bottom just west of us – which we investigated as possible deer poachers hunting illegally – but found no signs of trespassers – and a couple of times it seemed like the lights were directed at the side of the house
2) moving “dots” of light in the sky
3) dark orbs or figures floating above the trees
4) unusual sounds which were very localized (sounded like they were being made by something at that spot)
5) on one occasion when we experienced the lights/sounds and went to investigate and were gone for at least 30-45 minutes upon returning our clocks in the house showed only a few minutes has elapsed
6) on another occasion one member of the household described that as he walked through the house the light followed him from window to window and then back the opposite direction even though the blinds were all closed so there was no open windows to see him through.

Submitted by J.K. Willis