Airport Time Slip

Time Distortions


JUNE 29, 2019


This is just something a little weird that happened to me at the airport. So i was waiting by the gate for them to start boarding us, at around 11 am they made the call saying that they were ready for us to start boarding, the usual, first people with need of help or with small children etc, since i am in zone 3 i figure i’ll go take a piss in the washroom just in front of the gate, i don’t even take 4 minutes to do my business and come out expecting people to start lining up, as i approach the gate i see absolutely no one waiting in line so i’m weirded out wondering where everyone else is, mind you i could here from the washrooms as other airlines made calls for people to come to their gate so i didn’t here anything from my airline in there so i thought they would still be expecting the people in zone 1 and with children or special needs etc. So i just stood there waiting to see if they call for zone 2 then but nothing, they finally, after about 3 minutes make another call for my flight and this lady just goes straight to the girl checking for boarding passes so i wonder if the flight is very empty or dunno what to think so i come to the girl and ask her if i can get through even though i’m in zone 3, she just smiles and i go through thinking there’s only gonna be me and the other lady in the plane. Once i get in the plane i am genuinely surprised to see it packed full of people, I couldn’t understand how they got in there since i didn’t see anyone forming a line at all and these things usually take at least 10 minutes to get done sometimes even more considering the amount of people in the plane, i swear i was taking a piss for less than four minutes and went in the washroom before even one person came to the gate. I was baffled wondering how it got full so quickly, i seriously thought this people had flown from another airport parked there, picked us up and now we were all headed for Toronto together, i know it’s stupid but it was the only thing i could think about. When i got to my seat i actually asked the person next to me where they had boarded, she just said they did at that same gate.

There might be nothing weird about it but in my experience flying it always takes a while to get everyone in the plane and basically i was the last one that got on it, never saw anyone get on it and considering how little time i spent in the washroom i just found it really weird. I must stress the fact the washroom is located right in front of the gate, basically you come out of it and you walk about 16 meters to the gate.

That same day while connecting flights on a smaller plane it took about 20 minutes to get everyone on the plane. Probably nothing but found it pretty weird.

Submitted by Ezequiel