Unexpectedly Short Commute

Time Distortions



I clocked out at work (actual time stamped card) and drove home. This drive was 45 min to 60 min depending on traffic. This day I got home saw the clock on the stove and got a very sick feeling to my stomach. I asked my adult daughter “what time is it”? She said the same time as on the stove clock. I paced around for a good hour freaking out. I should not have been there, it was only about 10 min since I left my work. No way physically could you get from one point to the other in less then 45 min, and that would be with no traffic on a major freeway and speeding. I finally concluded that somehow I had clocked out early being a dumbass. So next day at work I check my time card………NOPE it was real, I had somehow gotten from Corvallis via Albany all the way to my apartment in Keizer which was about 50 miles in 10 min. And the drive from Corvallis to Albany is city and weird country roads until you hit the corridor. I just kept asking everyone at work, when they saw me leave, and I was a supervisor so they were very aware of my whereabouts at all times. Everyone said I had left at my usual shift end. This happened about 10 years ago and I will never forget it. Still bugs me if I start thinking about it.

Submitted by Lola