Disappearing Book

Straight Up Ghosts, Thin Places


APRIL 2008


In the spring of 2008 I was doing research for a book on the Delta blues trail. This led to visiting Helena, AR, a small town located on the Mississippi River, to conduct several interviews. My partner and I stayed at the Edwardian Inn, a bed & breakfast built in 1904. We were the only guests.

Wanting to finish the book I was reading, I stayed up until about 12:30am, placing the book on the night-table beside me. When we awoke the next morning to pack up for our drive to Memphis, I noticed the book was missing from where it sat not six hours prior. My partner and I turned the room upside down looking for it. It had not slipped behind the bed, under the bed, or gotten lost in the bedsheets. It had simply vanished. The room we were in was stately, situated at the front of the home, with two enormous floor to ceiling sliding doors — thick, oak doors with firm iron locks. No one had entered the room while we slept.

Where did the book go? How did it go? Curious if this old, southern, Inn has a history of the strange/paranormal.

Post-Script: For those interested, the book was “Twilight,” by the late author, William Gaye. I’ve since replaced my copy.

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