Tahoe Tessie Sighting?





I can’t remember the year maybe 2009,2010

Anyhow my wife and I were returning from Carson City Nevada on a Saturday morning in winter, As we were coming back west bound Hwy 50 we just emerged from the cave rock tunnel and my wife made a comment “whats that?” looking towards the lake which was maybe 100′ away, out about approx 50 yards was a shiny black cylindrical thing that was maybe 40′ long it came out of the water in a sort of long twist and then emerged and then out again, no head or tail visible, we immediately pulled into the cave rock parking area and from lake level we couldn’t see it, so we went back up to the hwy to get a better look.. it was very strange it moved very slowly sideways out from the shore, we watched it for at least 20 min, then it slowly submerged and it was gone.

Additional info. The lake that morning was completely flat like glass, there were NO boats or anything in the water, it was in the 30’s the body looked like a wet,wet suit.. there was actually no one else around.. and I didn’t have a camera on my phone..we called one of our daughters to see if there was any legends of a lake ?? she looked it up and told us about “Tahoe Tessie” know to live in the exact area. I wrote the local paper to see if anyone else reported this anomaly, never heard back,maybe they though I was crazy.. My wife does not believe in any of that stuff and she couldn’t come up with anything logical .. so that’s our story,anyone else see something they can’t explain swimming in Tahoe?

Submitted by Tony