Joliet Ghost

Straight Up Ghosts




On a late afternoon, I was vacuuming in the master bedroom of my apartment. I was anticipating the arrival of my then husband from work. From my bedroom door, the entrances to second bedroom to the left and bathroom straight ahead could be clearly observed. My head was tilted slightly down but I clearly saw someone walk into the little hallway from the living room to the right to the second bedroom on my left; I assumed it was my husband. I hadn’t heard him come home, but was vacuuming so didn’t think that odd – we were, however, still newlyweds and I thought it strange my husband didn’t come over and say hello. I stopped the vacuum and went to the other bedroom – there was no one there. I checked bathroom, living room, kitchen, even closets, I was alone. The door was still locked. When my ex husband got home, I told him, and he related that several weeks prior, while brushing his teeth, he that he saw me the doorway from the reflection in the bathroom mirror. He bent down to spit out his toothpaste so he could talk to me and when he looked again, I wasn’t there. He checked in the bedroom, I was fast asleep. Increasingly, over time we felt great uncomfortableness with both the little hallway and, especially, second bedroom, which intensified after our son was born and we tried using it as a nursery, he moved into our room so we could avoid being in there. Sometimes, while watching TV in the living-room, which looked into the hall and the entrance of the second bedroom, a strong sense of dread would overtake us, our hair would prickle and we would not want to look in that direction, even though there would be nothing there. My ex husband lived in that apartment for several months ahead of my moving there as I stayed behind to deal with work and wrapping up personal affairs for both of us in our previous home and noted no issues. It seemed to start about six months after I moved in and increasingly intensified over time. I attempted some research on the building or area but could find nothing to account for what we experienced.

Submitted by Nereid71