Fairview House Cryptid





My then husband and myself pulled into our driveway. There is a ditch and a creek on each side of the house. Facing the front of the house, movement at the creekbank to the right of us caught both of our attention. A creature neither of us had ever seen before stood up from a more crouched, or squatted, position and steeped cleanly over a nearly 5 foot wide portion of the creek to the other side of the bank and walked into the woods on the further side of the creek.
It was tall and covered in what looked to be short black hair. The arms were somehow too long for the body. The sighting stunned us both to silence. We sat together in the car and watched it. It was surreal. There was light snow on the ground and with it being the middle of winter, the trees and bushes were bare enough that we had a perfectly clear sight line.
Afterwards, my husband went down to the creek and found foot prints in the snow.
My grandparents had purchased this same property in 1959. We have said of it that it holds the unholy trinity….Bigfoot, UFO interactions and ghosts in the house. The house was haunted. Several firsthand stories and episodes told to me by my grandparents. In the mid 70’s, there were at least 3 very strange UFO incidents. The one I was witness to was my grandmother “talking” to the UFO My family has had at least 5 Bigfoot sightings in that time, but this is the only one I was witness to. I have always heard stories of Bigfoot in the Fairview, Fernvale, Pinewood area. I hope others would share the old stories too!

Submitted by Teresa