Mystery Cassette Tape

High Weirdness, Time Distortions


JUNE 2007


I ducked into the phone booth in front of the CU Building on 14th Street during a thunderstorm, and I found a CASSETTE TAPE!!!! The tape was in a paper sleeve that said, in big black letters:


This had to have been left by time travelers, because:

1. Phone booth, always known to be a time traveler hot spot
2. A cassette tape? This was in like 2007, so it had to have either been from the past, or from the future when cassettes got retro-cool again.

What was on the tape? I have no idea, I was not about to risk whatever sort of mummy-style curse that might come about from disobeying VERY CLEAR instructions. So I kept it with my other tapes for save keeping. I eventually had it in a storage unit.

Now this is where it gets weird: all of my tapes vanished from the storage unit. Totally disappeared. I’m guessing someone came to retrieve the tape, and just took them all to make sure they got the right one.

Submitted by Morgan