Boise Idaho Linden Street Murder House

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Back in the 1991 when I was fourteen I spent a summer babysitting two younger kids that were the kids of a friend of my mom’s for extra money. I used to live in a subdivision called Lakewood not far from this house, and take the few mile bike ride to my mom’s friends house to watch her kids in the morning from about 7 am until 5:30pm at night until she got home from work. I always had a weird feeling whenever I had to ride past this house on my way and for some reason would pedal faster, not knowing anything about the old mansion except that I didn’t like it, and it had a mysterious gate and hedges all around it, obscuring the bottom level of the house.

One night I ended up babysitting late, I actually think my mom and the kids mom were probably out drinking (haha) and so I had to ride my bike back late at night, around 10pm. It was dark, but again, close and Boise was small as hell.

Of course, I did my usual creepy feeling pedal faster but as I was pedaling I heard a loud SCREAM that sounded like it was on the other side of the hedges. This of course scared the crap out of me, causing me to immediately crash my bike and fall off INTO the fence. I got a cold chill, despite it being a hot Idaho summer and looked into a completely empty yard. No one was there.

I got home, bawling, cleaned myself up etc. The next day I went over to babysit my mom’s friend told me what happened outside and in that house in 1987.

History on the house:

Submitted by Sara S.