UFO Light Show

Classic UFO


August, 1985

A friend and I were driving from Salem to Portland one evening in 1985. A few miles north of Salem , I noticed three white lights in the sky. They were in a triangle pattern. As we watched on of the lights turned red and then moved to form a straight line. As we watched the light at the end of the line would move up to again form a triangle . Over and over again they did this,. I pulled over to the side of the road at one point to watch. When I got back on the road, A state cop pulled up along side me. Thinking he was going to pull me over I looked up and saw he was watching them too. The lights suddenly disappeared, like just faded out . It was about twenty minutes of watching them. I saw later in the news paper they had been seen as far away as the East coast.

Submitted by JanetEB