The Demon of Playa Ancha

Cryptoids, Dark Forces, High Weirdness, Strange Animals



This case was narrated by a person I know very well, which I will keep anonymous, therefore it is a real story and I know its truth. In fact, at the time of telling me I was impress by the disturbed and terrified look of the person who lived this experience.

Many years ago, around 22, he and some friends in his car after a party in Valparaíso toured the shorelines of the city and went up a hill called Playa Ancha, which is characterized by maintaining homes and an environment between the 19th century and early 20th century, so a disturbing kind of Victorian beauty in the houses is felt. They arrived to a very high place on that hill and parked. They began to talk about different things, jokes, anecdotes, waiting for the dawn. As I recall, this event happened after 3:00 in the morning.

They were parked near some trees in the sector that at that time were black due to the low light of the place, the street was in shadow with a strange silence that was interrupted by the murmur of moving foliage and wind. I must clarify that this area is characterized by being very windy. Past the time, in a moment the driver, who told me the story, says he looked at the trees located about 10 meters away since he felt something strange. He checked with his eyes the tops of the very dark trees that contrasted with the night sky that was beginning to clear. With panic and strangeness he noticed that in one of the treetops something moved, he looked closely at the figure that would be the size of an orangutan, it moved and looked at it and realized that it had bright penetrating red eyes that looked at him in a way, according to him, evil. He was frozen and began to perspire cold, he told his friends who also saw this entity and everyone panicked feeling great horror because of the size of the entity and his demonic eyes, they didn’t dare to get out of the car to corroborate what was they watching. The figure remained fixed watching them as a gargoyle of a Gothic cathedral, took a feline attitude of attack and at that moment they decided to leave the place fired, lit the car, which did not start, they tried desperately until they succeeded. They came out with a loud crash of the place screaming hysterical and at full speed down the hill that has many curves and walked away trying to leave behind the image of those horrifying eyes.

To this day he doesn’t explain what he saw. He didn’t tell anyone for a long time, apparently between them they made a pact of silence, however, he wanted to tell me since I do have an open mind about those issues and I would not make fun of him, on the contrary, I would listen carefully and try to find a meaning or explanation to the terrible experience he had.

This is the story about the demon of Playa Ancha. I incorporate a drawing of free interpretation that I made and a map with the possible point where the events narrated happened.

© Vicente Kuntur
Investigator and writer of the occult.