Wrong Door

High Weirdness, Thin Places



I was looking after my elderly parents at their house in N. Portland. One night , at about 3 in the morning , I woke up needing to got to the bathroom , which was down stairs. I opened the stairwell door and could feel the air pressure had changed, Curious, I opened the door to the living room ,and the sound of the living room was, “wrong”. It sounded like I had walked on to a stage. I looked to see the far wall of the living room had disappeared and a misty sort of landscape was seen in the distance. Three odd looking creatures stood in the living room and one hissed at me. I just continued walking to the bathroom, shaking like a leaf. I stayed there for a half hour , until I could bring myself to open the door. Walking out , I could see all was back to normal. Weird.

Submitted by Janet B.