Hornet Spook Light

Thin Places


MARCH 31, 1995

The Spook Light, also known as the “Hornet Spook Light” (after the nearby community of Hornet, Missouri) has been seen by people for many, many decades, long before the advent of the automobile. On this particular road, which is on the Oklahoma side of the state line, strange, glowing orbs are seen dancing in the air, particularly at night. It’s a well-known mystery in the Ozarks region and I witnessed it myself with a group of friends on the night of March 31, 1995. I returned on August 21, 2017, to view the solar eclipse that day from the notorious road, which is not far from Interstate 44 (old Route 66).

This place also falls on the line of 94 degrees west longitude, an earth meridian which I believe is also a line of “high strangeness,” which I am investigating and writing a book about.

Submitted by Andrew Griffin, Red Dirt Report