Sky Trumpets

High Weirdness


Summer, 2018


It was around 5:00 AM I was in the Walmart parking lot, waiting for a request on Uber. As I did often in hopes of getting a long trip to the Salt Lake City Airport. It was early, so I was taking it slowly. I sat in my car, music off and just waiting. Seemingly out of nowhere, I hear a gradual trumpet sound, almost as if it was a tornado alarm. I figured it might’ve been coming from my speakers, so I turned the dial on the volume down…that did do anything. I stuck my head out of the window to an eerily calm morning and confirmed it was coming from the sky, or that general direction. I could sort of make out the direction the horns were coming from, so I start to follow them. As I left the Walmart toward the direction of the horns, they became more intense. The closer I’d move, the more intense the sound, but only after a few minutes of hearing it, the sound faded away.

Submitted by P.J.