Becky’s Bridge

Straight Up Ghosts


June 2001-Present


Rebecca “Becky” Lindquist was the main thrust behind getting a new bridge in the Knightsen/Bethel Island area of Contra Costa County. Days before the bridge opened, she died in a mysterious gunfire incident in 2001 that remains unsolved.

Marion M. writes: “End of delta there is a bridge to the slough on the other side the woman “Becky” who had the bridge installed. It is noted that weird things occur and flowers are left for her as she stays at the bridge to make sure people are across safely. side note: when my husband I and use to fish there every time would leave our automatic door locks would click just before getting on the bridge no matter how far away from it we were”

More about the mysterious details around Becky’s murder:

Submitted by Garrett K.