The Ghost of Cossitt Hall

Straight Up Ghosts



There is a ghost named Dorothea who “lives” in the dance studio in the basement of Cossitt Hall. She descends from a spiral staircase that has long since been torn down in remodels. She is missing her face. She is friendly to well-to-do students, but hates janitors and students attending the school on need based financial aid (me). Dorothea scared me off and chased me two blocks and nearly gave me a heart attack. I did not believe in the paranormal at the time of my encounter with Dorothea. I had never heard about her existence before I encountered her. It was in my telling other people after the fact that I discovered her name and that many people have seen her. If you want to try meeting a terrible classist ghost, by all means, go to the basement of Cosset Hall in the middle of the night.

(Here is a bit from a school paper from 2006 that talks about Dorothea as well as the ghost of Mary Bemis who haunts the college’s all women dorm, whom I never had the pleasure of meeting.