Giant Shrimp In The Laundry Room – The Beast From Bremerton




Bremerton, 1948

“Shrimpy,” our Mascot

Read the short original account here:

Virginia Staples reported seeing a Giant Shrimp [Editor: we affectionately call him “Shrimpy”] in her laundry room in Bremerton back in 1948. And that’s basically all we know. I went to the Kitsap Historical society and tried to find any information about an actual Virginia Staples in the city limits. The researchers were very helpful, but could find no record of her. However, using census records I believe I have tracked down Virginia and I am hoping to reach out to her children and grand children. Perhaps I will find a descendant who remembers grandma Virginia talking about the Giant Shrimp. The sighting happened in an area of Bremerton that eventually got incorporated into Navy property, which may make this a more difficult investigation. There is a Denny St in Bremerton (we’ve made the mark on the map), but it is unclear if this is the location of her encounter because she says that the apartment it happened in eventually got taken over by the Navy.

What if this “Shrimp” is actually some kind of extra-dimensional / ultraterrestrial creature that the Navy conjured up a la ‘Stranger Things’ ? Perhaps the reason for annexing the property where Shrimpy was sighted had something to do with this accidental unleashing and trying to contain such an entity?

Our research continues…

Reported by: Garrett Kelly