Abandoned Cemeteries of Kitsap

Featured Report

We’ve been visiting abandoned cemeteries over here in Kitsap County and we’re having a ton of fun! A couple of weekends ago a small gathering of Liminal Cartographers went to visit an abandoned cemetery in Brownsville! It was a great little spot; strangely enough, the folks who live across the street have a porch of plastic skeletons and year round Halloween decorations, not to mention a collection of Hearses (one of them is signed by Lurch / The Giant from Twin Peaks and Elvira). They were more than happy to let us look inside! When my son had to use their bathroom I discovered that THEY HAVE A BLACK TOILET!!! Talk about staying on brand!!

This weekend we went and visited the Old Olalla Cemetery where it is reported that some of the ‘Starvation Heights’ patients are buried. You can read more about “Dr. Hazzard” who starved her patients to death in the early 1910s here: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/doctor-who-starved-her-patients-death-180953158/.

This site is HIGHLY recommended – there is no signage or indication that there is anything but forest beyond the roped off entrance. It’s the middle of nowhere. You have to cross a creek, fallen trees, and climb a small hill to get up to the cemetery plot – but it’s a really cool location to go explore

We tried to visit another abandoned cemetery in Colby near Port Orchard, but one of the kids we brought along barfed in the snow (WHAT DOES IT MEAN???). We’ll have to do that one another time! Let us know if you want to come along on the next excursion!