T.T. Minor Cryptids





Have you seen the gigantic shadow creature that inhabits the location at T.T. Minor? My friend and I saw this powerful cryptoid in 2010, late one night. We were walking back to our friends house, chatting, gazing upon the moon, when suddenly…. we see this enormous shadow creature next to the school building. It’s just as tall as the building (what is that, 14 feet??), and we start *freaking the fuck out.* We enter the playground area to get closer to it, attempting to understand what it is we are staring at. Is this really happening? Are you seeing what I am seeing?

In a loud voice, I address it: “What are you??” “What ARE you??” My logical, scientific brain is scrambling to explain away the paranormal, thinking this could be a person on stilts, where upon another person sits on their shoulders, both shrouded in a big black cloak. I quickly realize two important things that debate that logical reasoning… I can’t see a human face, let alone any face at all. This is just a solid black mass. It’s also hovering above the ground, about a foot off, no feet to be seen. It just stands in place, until eventually, it starts to move backwards– floating, really, because it has no legs. It rounds the corner of the building and vanishes. We quickly walk next to the side of the building and the corner it just rounded, to investigate. It was simply gone, nowhere to be seen.

Other friends of mine have seen these shadow creatures in various parts of the world. We all suspect them to be the guardians, the watchers, of specific locale. They are not threatening, and pose no malevolent energy. Instead, they are where they need to be, in order to keep specific things in and/or out of their designated area.

Submitted by Kami M.