Meadowbrook Pond Memorial

Straight Up Ghosts





I was walking by meadowbrook pond with my headphones on and passed a house nearby, an old man was walking out holding some flowers, and he waved me down and told me that we were going on a walk together.

“okay, sure, where are we walking to?”

“meadowbrook pond” he said, since it was on the way and super close I walked with him. He said his name was Cecil. He held my hand and i helped him to the pond entrance. He tried to get me to walk through the whole park with him, so he could go to a memorial bench.

I couldn’t walk with him through the whole thing, so I told him I had to go. As I was walking away, he waved at a kid with his mom and tried to get him to stop. The kid tried to stop but the mom completely ignored him, as if he didn’t exist.

I posted the story to my snapchat, and my friend messaged me saying there’s a memorial plate on a bench in the park for Cecil, and sent me a picture of it. Not sure if it was a ghost but it damn sure seems like it.

Submitted by Destin C.